Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Down to the River

Yesterday we went for a walk just outside of our village.  It was a very nice, sunny day.  Through the mud we trekked, until we came out to the green, green hills.  Everywhere we looked were green hills.  There were flocks of sheep, and a herd of bulls that was making quite a bit of noise.  We travelled along the steep hillsides, carefully stepping along the ridges.

There were beautiful trees with turning leaves, and leaves fallen to the ground.  We heard many different kinds of birds.  It is pheasant season also, and often when we are driving about, we see pheasants running across the road, making their very unique and somewhat startling noise.  Along our walk, we came upon two sheep and a lamb, wandering around by themselves.  The threesome had not had their tails docked for some reason.  Did you know that lambs are born with long tails, but farmers cut them short?  I'm sorry that I took no pictures yesterday of our mini excursion.

We walked all the way down to a river nearby us.  It was running fast.  All around the river were pretty trees with yellow-turning leaves, and moss growing all over the trunks and branches.  It was peaceful to hear the running water, and I wish we could have stayed longer, but I had to get home to prepare dinner.

Today I will try to catch up on the laundry from over the weekend (along with many other things). The dryer takes so long to dry one load--over three hours.  But at least we have one (smiles).  Our guests have come and gone, and I am behind after the weekend and Monday.  For dinner we will have lovely meatloaf with some fried mushrooms, and perhaps some homemade bread.  I am very tired today, not having slept well, but the day must go on (smiles).

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