Wednesday, 20 December 2017

The Beauty of Snow

A couple of weeks ago the Lord brought us snow.  How good He is to bring such lovely things for us to enjoy.  I woke up to the sound of excited little children peering out the windows, exclaiming that "It's snowing!!"

The snow didn't become very deep, but how pretty the sprinkling of white dust looked on all the green plants and grass on the ground.

We spent the day snuggling up by the fire, watching the large, pretty snowflakes fall.  And later on, the children went outside to have a snowball fight with Daddy.

Many people here have been telling us not to expect much snowfall.  But the snow that came reminded me of how the Lord is in control of all things, and how good He is to send good gifts to His children.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

An Eventful Week

Last week was a very eventful week.  I fell ill for a couple of days, with unexplained pain that kept me in bed all day.  But I was well taken care of by my children and my dear husband.  And I treated my symptoms naturally and soon returned to good health--so thankful to the Lord.

The middle of the week was quite emotional, and then towards the end of the week, three of our chickens became very ill, and we thought they would die.  All they would do is stand around, hunched over with their feathers puffed up.  One of the chickens couldn't even see, apparently, as she was unable to figure out where the water dish was.  They even stopped eating.  Again, I treated them, and two of them were eating the very next day.  The third also soon began eating again, and today, the chickens are mostly completely better, with the third chicken even regaining her sight.  We even got some eggs from our healthy chickens on the Lord's Day.  How grateful we are for the Lord's goodness and mercy to us, even in these seemingly small things.

Also, during the week we had quite a scare when my husband's car suddenly caught on fire.  Thankfully it was parked and he was not in it, and no one was hurt.  I am so very grateful he is okay.  I hug him a little tighter each day and thank the Lord again for His protection.