Friday, 11 January 2019

Lovely Sunshine and Breaks

God is so good to us.  This week we had a lovely day of sunshine, and my husband came home to have lunch with us.  He encouraged me afterwards to go for a short ten minute walk with the children, to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  That ten minutes turned into more like an hour!  We walked through the village and grassy fields and enjoyed God's creation together.

We've had our broken washer repaired, and I am so happy to have two working washers again!  Tonight I get a break from making dinner, as my dear husband will make some roast lamb that we purchased from a lady in the village.  She raises her sheep without medicines and antibiotics, so we are so thankful for this.

Sunrise photo by one of our daughters

I've put fresh, clean sheets on the bed, and am doing a bit of work in our bedroom while I have the little ones doing lessons.  I love that homeschooling is so portable that you can take your books pretty much anywhere you want to.  It is quite cold and gray today, but my dear husband has once again built us a nice fire to keep us warm.  We have used so much firewood, that we will need more delivered quite soon.

God bless and keep you all.