Thursday, 28 June 2018

Beautiful Baby Chicks

Last month, one of our laying hens went broody.  Our daughters that take care of the chickens noticed her new behavior and had read up on it.  I asked my husband, and he said we could get some fertilized eggs for her!  So I went on an online search and ordered two eggs (it had to be more than one because chicks love to grow up together).

There was a delay in getting our order of eggs, however, so we were not sure if our chicken would stay broody long enough, or even if our eggs would hatch.  We waited a long 3 weeks, and surprisingly, our hen stayed broody and faithfully sat on her eggs.

I was so shocked that May evening when one of the children came to tell me that one of the chicks had hatched!  The second chick was hatched when we checked on them in the morning.  Two beautiful chicks!

They are doing well and have grown so much.  We think they are both hens, but one is not the breed we ordered, but that's okay.  We are excited to see what they'll look like when they're full grown.