Thursday, 22 August 2019

Ending of Summer

It is cloudy now, though the sun was shining earlier.  The last few days have had a smoky scent in the air, so I think the neighbors must be making fires in their wood burners.  The days have been cooler but are now warming up.

We have been busy lately, as I have been ordering books for our home education for the upcoming year.  We won't be starting the new year of learning yet, except for one of the girls who is ready.  The rest of us will finish up at our own pace, getting more done each day until we're ready to start the new books.  Our whole family looks forward to when the new books come.  One of the packages was supposed to come today, but the delivery man took our package back to the depot instead of taking it to our house!  So that was disappointing.

This silly laptop has been acting up on me.  One day perhaps I will get a new one, and that will make things so much easier.  But for now, we need to save our money for important things like food.

The other day we had rain pour down into our garden, followed by bright bursts of sunshine, followed by more downpouring rain.  It was a very interesting day for weather.

(painting by Emile Vernon)

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